Sociologists, Public Administrators and other major players in the field of social science have often regarded “change” as the only constant and inevitable factor in our society. The British Statesman, Benjamin Disraeli, in the late 19th century, stated that “in a progressive country, change is constant…change is inevitable”. It can therefore be generally stated that for any institution to strive it must embrace change which will enable it expand, re-organise and adapt to the ever-changing realities in the society.
In the public sector, various governments have created interest in bridging human resource gap prompted by changes in institutional framework, structure, mode of operations and technological development. In Ondo State, Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON, has continued to renew his interest in the State Public Service through huge investment in human capital development, hence, enhancing productivity and simplifying workforce planning. Part of government’s huge investment in human capacity is the organisation of retreats and in-house training for public servants in the State: