Having secured the mandate of the people at the polls for a second term in Office in 2019, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN constituted a six-man Strategic Transition Implementation Committee to appraise his first term and make realistic, measurable and impactful projections for his Second Term in Office.

The Committee, chaired by the then Head of Service, Mr. Dare Aragbaiye met with all Public Servants, both career officers and politicians, to harvest actionable information that could be used to execute the task.

After both virtual and physical engagements, and analyses of reports submitted by MDAs and appointees, the Committee reached the resolution that the JMPPR agenda that was used in the first term needed to be expanded, so as to accommodate the new socio-economic paradigm of the State. Therefore, the Committee came up with the REDEEMED agenda, which interprets:

R       –       Rural and Agricultural Development

E        –        Educational Advancement and Human Capital Development

D       –        Development through Massive Infrastructure

E        –        Efficient Service Delivery, Development and Policy

E        –        Effective Healthcare and Social Welfare

M       –        Maintenance of Law and Order for Adequate Security

E        –        Energy, Mining and Sustainable Industries

D       –        Digital Revolution and Entrepreneurship

The Agenda has already taken flight and is being implemented by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Ondo State.


Owing to the enlarged scope of the Second Term Agenda of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN and its emphasis on effective performance, the Ondo State Service Improvement Programme (ODSIP) – an initiative dedicated to systemic improvement in all facets of the Public Service has also expanded in scope. The expansion is evident in the modification of the motto from “…To give my best” to “…To do my best to better the society”, introduced by the 14th Head of Service of Ondo State, Pastor Adeniran Adeyemo.

Pastor Adeniran Adeyemo was sworn into Office as the 14th Head of Service of Ondo State on the 12th of March, 2021. His appointment as Head of Service came after the retirement of Mr. Dare Aragbaiye.

Adeyemo examined the impact of ODSIP on the Public Service so far and gave it high commendations. However, he noted that the expansion of the motto was to give the public a sense of belonging, since civil servants and by extension, government is in the business of serving members of the society.  This adjustment further entrenches the importance of Efficient Service Delivery as spelt out in the REDEEMED Agenda.